Progressive Services Design Ltd is a multi-disciplined practice providing design and Consulting Services in Mechanical and Electrical Building Services, Project Management, Cost Consultancy BREEAM Assessments and Planning Co-ordination.

Progressive Services Design Ltd Building Services Consultants, have over 50 years combined experience in building services mechanical and electrical engineering in both refurbishment and new build projects.  The company was established in 1995 and incorporated in 1996.

Design factor

Progressive Services Design Ltd strive to be aware of innovative engineering systems development and have a full understanding of the design process and operating methods, which are essential when formulating systems that are cost effective in both construction, maintenance terms and CDM requirements, yet provide a solution that reflects client perception and expectation of the project.

Cost effective engineering    

Building services are an important part of the construction process and to provide value engineering it is necessary to be involved at the earliest stage with the design team.  We take a prominent role regarding services infrastructure, capital assets needs, energy efficiency, facilities management, engineering plant life cycle and lifetime costs.  Progressive Services Design Ltd has the capability and experience.

Controlling the internal environment within buildings is crucial for efficiency, health and comfort in the work place.  The systems involved make up a substantial part in the cost of producing a building and the relationship and interaction in state of the art services such as lighting, heating, ventilation, information technology and security all have an effect on the user.

The company has an extensive range of skills and expertise in building services engineering, specialising in both refurbishment and new construction where all systems are designed ‘in-house’.

Sustainable energy

In the present climate it is the responsibility of Building Services Consultants together with clients to introduce sustainable energy solutions.  Progressive Services Design Ltd have an extensive knowledge of the following systems which have been incorporated within a number of projects.

Combined heating & power technology

Passive ventilation

Solar energy

Rainwater harvesting (grey water systems)

Heat pump installations


Biomass fuel

The company has two members of the CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants register